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You get used to someone telling you, ‘Say it like this.Do it like that.’”Pharrell, for his part, has nothing but praise for the singer. Women sporting few clothes and fewer morals were hanging off the object of her affection like Christmas decorations. Here I am in front of the guy I’ve had a secret crush on for months, and he’s got no idea who I am. Diddy’s soirée to celebrate the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards—was loud and crowded.“We have the same relationship now that we did then, with the exception of the sexual part. And even though sports some holdover aggression (especially on songs like “Trick Me”), what the album really conveys is Kelis’s comfort with her newfound artistic and emotional freedom.“I never had an album that was all mine before,” she says. Pharrell and Chad were totally submerged in their own shit, had no clue nor cared what I was doing––which was fine.I was really out there for the first time in five years.“Everyone acts like I’m the only person who ever filed for divorce.It happens.”“At the end of the day, we were married for a fairly long time. And that is what it is.”Though the former hip hop power couple has been divorced since 2010, talk of their split was reignited two summers ago when Nas released the art work for his 2012 album, “Life Is Good,” in which he posed with what appeared to be Kelis’ signature green wedding dress. So everything is kind of settled, I’m in my mommyhood. I got an album out and I feel like I can sort of do that… I think that’s always the easiest thing for a woman.

“Working with her is never hard.”No longer backed by Virgin, Kelis took it upon herself to work the phones and get the ball rolling.It either does or it doesn’t.”“I never heard that one, actually,” she revealed. “To be honest, I don’t listen to a lot of stuff about me. The 34-year-old mom also says that she has been dating since the divorce four years ago and admits that she has run into a few suitors who appeared to have the potential to sweep her off of her feet like Nas once did.“I’m actually in a really good place right now. You know, find someone who makes you laugh and it’s like, okay.”“I think it should be easy and it shouldn’t be complicated.We’re adults and it shouldn’t take a lot of explanations and sort of like, making it work.

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Also coming through in the clutch was Rockwilder, who laced Kelis with “In Public,” a fantastic, bombastic sex-rock song she should have made five years ago, before Pink cornered the market.

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