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The episode title only lists Madigan, which adds insult to injury for Martin in the back seat.

At first, the episode introduced Martin because Madigan was at his apartment.

She's won the American Comedy Award for "Best Female Comedian" and the Phyllis Diller award for "Best Female Comedian." Although she's turned down many writing jobs because she enjoys performing more, she has written and produced for Lewis Black's "Root of all Evil" on Comedy Central and for Gary Shandling's Emmy monologues.

She's done two USO tours to Iraq and Afganistan with pals Lewis Black, Robin Williams, John Bowman and musicals acts Kid Rock, The Zac Brown Band, Kix Brooks and Kellie Pickler.

Previously she's released 4 CDs and 2 DVDs and starred in 2 HBO specials, 3 Comedy Central specials, 3 CMT , premiered on Showtime and is available on Netflix.

So how is it, the Detroit Free Press asks, "that Madigan has yet to be cast as the wise-cracking a) best friend b) office worker or c) martini-swilling mother-in-law in any of countless sitcoms?

I do USO shows at home here in the US too but the further people are away, the more they appreciate it.

I don't think they get paid enough for a hard job so I like to do something for free when I can." She remains the only comedian in the history of NBC's to go unchallenged by any other comedian--meaning no comedian would say they were funnier than her.

As the restaurant section begins, there were two season firsts.

Afterward came the first Acura product placement (literally so) of the season, which I enjoyed because of how difficult it can be to find parking from time to time.

During the coffee portion, Madigan explained why she doesn’t do television.

Considering the car only had two doors on it, I lean toward the latter.

It must have been annoying for Martin to get in and out of the BMW.

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