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On January 4, 1990, published the same press release.Soon notices to leave were pasted on the doors of Pandits.It was an era when there was no social media and no mobile phones, and telephone density in Kashmir was next to nil. Most Kashmiri Pandits started packing whatever little they could under the given circumstances and started fleeing to save their honour and lives. They hid under canvas covers of trucks, left in buses, hired taxis. The government, intelligentsia, the seculars, the conscience keepers of this nation - all had gone to sleep. The days that followed the night of January 19, 1990 saw Kashmiri Pandits being killed in scores every day.Atrocities against KPs had become the order of the day.More than a thousand Pandits were killed, tortured and raped. More than 50,000 families had fled and were living in camps which were bereft of even basic facilities like toilets.

Most brutal forms of torture from gouging out of eyes, to cutting genitals, to burning bodies with cigarette butts and even chopping off body parts were used to kill Pandits.

A notorious terrorist named Bitta Karate alone killed more than 20 Pandits and had no shame accepting the same.

JKLF was responsible for almost all the killings in 1990. They were housed in huge inhospitable torn tented camps on the fringes of Jammu city.

The darkness hid faces of people who were our friends and neighbours, our classmates and teammates, ones we had grown up with, yet those who were baying for our blood or wanting to rape our daughters and sisters. The pre-planned and well orchestrated mobs that had descended on the streets of Kashmir left no one in doubt about the fate that awaited Kashmiri Pandits.

As usual the administration or police was nowhere to be seen or heard of.

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