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This one took place at All Star Lanes on Brick Lane, where some choice power ballads were being belted out…

I’ve always loved singing, and in my day I was even pretty good at it.

So join in the fun and request your date before someone else beats you to the microphone!

That wonderful night when you screw your courage to the sticking point and put yourself out there for one more spin on the merry-go-round of love.

As a soprano chorister in my early teens I sang for both the Queen of England and the King of Belgium, and in my early twenties, long after my voice (and other things) had dropped, I became a huge fan of the ancient art of karaoke (which literally translates from the Japanese as “drunk song murder”).

Mostly this came about through a new group of friends who organised a series of impromptu Karaoke evenings in dingy flats that came to be known as “Karaoke Club”.

This was quite rightly greeted by a brutal chorus of boos and shouts of “GO HOME! There are so many awesome memories of those Karaoke Club nights though – we’d have rock hour, where you could only sing rock songs, rap hour, where only rap tunes would be acceptable, and love ballad hour, where every song would have to be crooned lovingly to whoever happened to be sitting in the love chair at the time.

These long nights spent in a brutal crucible of gladiatorial song-bat made a man of me, and prepared me for life for literally any karaoke emergency.

The second rule of Karaoke Club was that you did not talk about Karaoke Club.

So when my brother recently announced his engagement, I was understandably excited that the engagement party (that coincided with his fiancées birthday) would be taking place at a karaoke booth at the All Star Lanes on Brick Lane (the street which is also known as the curry capital of London).

I spent the preceding week practising my version of “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”, a rendition so powerful, it can literally strip the paint off the walls. wasn’t quite as enthusiastic about singing, but she was excited to come along, and as it turned out, there was pretty much no solo singing anyway as everyone just sort of shouted along to whatever was playing anyway.

But the fourth, and most important rule of Karaoke Club was this – if it’s your first night, you have to sing.

Now whilst I had a background of singing professionally, it was never as a soloist, and so I was understandably nervous my first time, so I picked the evergreen classic “Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett, mainly because it was mostly talking.

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Hear me out (no pun intended on this one): karaoke is a great first date. And no — you don’t have to have a great singing voice.

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