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Parents dumped their starving children into rivers and wells.

Many took their lives by throwing themselves in front of trains.

So authorities removed boats (the lifeline of the region) and the police destroyed and seized rice stocks.

Mukherjee tracks down some of the survivors of the famine and paints a chilling tale of the effects of hunger and deprivation.

People were too weak even to cremate their loved ones.

"No one had the strength to perform rites," a survivor tells Mukherjee.

Now the courts have to decide whether the teacher's relationship with the woman was a "domestic relationship" and whether she was eligible for maintenance. The court hinted that a domestic relationship, something akin to marriage even, would possibly suffice to define a "domestic relationship".

In doing so, the judges even referred to some of the common tenets of the Common Law Marriage - borrowing from Wikipedia - followed in countries where such arrangements have legal status: the two must be of legal age of marriage and must have "voluntarily cohabited and held themselves out to the world as spouses for a significant period of time", among other things.

What makes up a "domestic relationship" between a man and woman?

Certainly not "merely spending weekends together or a one-night stand," according to India's Supreme Court.

As if this truism was not enough, two senior judges remarked: "If a man has a keep [a crude term for a mistress] whom he maintains financially and uses mainly for sexual purpose or as a servant it would not in our opinion be a relationship in the nature of marriage." The court got worked up over the definition of a "domestic relationship" - critics frowned at the language it had used in defining a mistress - after a school teacher appealed against a family court judgement asking him to pay 500 rupees () maintenance money a month to a woman, with whom he had allegedly had an affair. The teacher denies it, and says he was already married when he met her.

This would have kept nearly 400,000 people alive for a full year.

Mr Churchill turned down fervent pleas to export food to India citing a shortage of ships - this when shiploads of Australian wheat, for example, would pass by India to be stored for future consumption in Europe.

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