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I was never a Jersey Shore fan up until last summer.

And I was immedialty hooked and JWOWW caught my attention right away.

So if your a girl with no boyfriend and whatnot and would like to get some tips on how to hook up with a mint guy, how to get all dolled up to go to a club, how to take care of your body, etc., I would totally recommand this book to you. So yes, I bought this book a while back and forgot to review it oops!

JWOWW's advice on what she wears to get a guy's attention at the club, how she keeps her man in check, how she maintains her sick body, and what she does to satisfy her guy will have you with a man ready to wife-up in no time.Remain independent, even in a relationship – If your man is treating you like a puppet, cut the strings and leave.A great romantic relationship respects each others’ independence.I read it twice in a matter of a week and I would totally read it over and over again.I got good tips that I would have never thought of but some of her tips are a no brainer.

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