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Learning that his new members were previously in a band called "Cowgirl", he combined the names, and christened his new band "Number Girl".

The original incarnation of Number Girl was unsuccessful, and the collaborating musicians quickly left the group.

In May 1999, their major debut single, "Tōmei Shōjo" was released with their major debut, School Girl Distortional Addict, released the following July.

Number Girl quickly gained popularity throughout Japan, playing shows with other high-profile indie acts such as Bloodthirsty Butchers and Eastern Youth.

Mukai invited bassist Kentarō Nakao, who in turn invited guitarist Hisako Tabuchi, whom Nakao knew from her former job operating lighting at the Vivre Hall venue.

Mukai convinced a fellow Fukuoka scene musician Ahito Inazawa to play drums, finalizing Number Girl's lineup.

Mukai continued performing as both a solo artist with his "Mukai Shutoku Acoustic & Electric" shows and formed a new band, Zazen Boys alongside drummer Ahito Inazawa.

The recording of the performance would later be released as Sapporo Omoide in My Head Jōtai .

Following the demise of Number Girl, the members each went on to other projects.

Number Girl was formed in August 1995, when Shutoku Mukai decided to form a band to play at a local event.

A solo artist at the time, Mukai was briefly involved in one band called "Number Five".

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