Is there a difference between dating and being together

you want to be with this person, and only this person.that means communicating to him, asking him where he is, or him asking where u are, if u both want to date "exclusively", ie be in a relationship.So if you’re trying to interpret the strong feelings that you have for another person, here’s how to decipher if you’re in love with him or her or if you love this person instead. Specifically, when you’re in love with someone, you feel an intensely strong and almost inexplicable passion and desire for him or her.

we have yet to really get to know each other That's between the two of you.

To some people, "dating" means simply "going out on dates". To still others, it means, "together, but not engaged".

If he says you're "dating" then you will need to ask him what that means to him, and then explain to him where you stand in the relationship you have with him.

In actuality, there’s a deep sense of trust, respect and honesty that’s inherent to a loving relationship that may or may not be fully developed or even present when you’re just in love. Being in love opens the door to the possibility of long-term love.

In order to understand the difference between being in love and loving someone, it’s also important to recognize the way in which they’re related.

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probably see each other often, but not every day...

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