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Since then the writer-producer who discovered Irwin 15 years ago and made him world famous has been a tower of strength for beautiful Terri, 43, the magazine reports.In many ways, John's stepped right into Steve's shoes, becoming almost a father to his two children," an Irwin family insider tells Enquirer.Australian TV network Channel 9 screened an interview between Irwin and local presenter Ray Martin, on September 27, at pm on the station.During the interview, she said "And I'll make Australia Zoo bigger. because I promised." Barbara Walters held an interview with Irwin on The View, which aired September 27 in the US.She has lived in Australia since 1992, when she married Irwin.Theresa Penelope Raines was born in Eugene, Oregon, the youngest of three daughters of Clarence and Judy Raines. During her childhood, her father constantly brought home injured animals from the highways on which his trucks travelled; this eventually instilled in her an ongoing commitment to saving and rehabilitating wild animals.

Irwin fought back tears, while the camera cut to Neighbours star Alan Fletcher, who was shown to be fighting back tears also.The "Crocodile Hunter's" beautiful widow Terri has found a new man: her late husband's "best mate"! According to the story published in this week's edition friends say grieving Terri Irwin has found new happiness with rugged bachelor John Stainton.Stainton, 48, was Steve's best friend and accompanied him on his fatal Great Barrier Reef dive last Sept. John is the one who broke the news to Terri Irwin about Steve's shocking death.While working in the family business in 1986, she started a rehabilitation facility called "Cougar Country" to re-educate and release predator mammals such as foxes, raccoons, bears, bobcats, and cougars back into the wild. Irwin joined an emergency veterinary hospital in 1989 as a veterinary technician to gain further knowledge on the care and support to all kinds of animals.Her life was very busy, as she was still helping her father run the family business, rehabilitating animals through her "Cougar Country", and working at the vet hospital.

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