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And Tumblr is now stuffed to the gills with photographs of sugar babies showing off their designer dresses and fistfuls of cash."It's very trendy to be OK with this type of relationship," adds Ms Urick, "and it's [seen as] a little more conservative, or close-minded to be like: 'Oh, I'm not OK with that'. I don't want to say stuck-up, but it's a little pretentious".

Dr Tyler has seen first-hand — from conversations with female RMIT students — just how this attitude comes about.

Brook Urick says the websites' popularity stems partly from the fact that sugar daddy relationships are becoming "a little more accepted and prominent"."Some people say they heard about it in a magazine or on TV," she says.

"You know, I've used multiple other [conventional] dating websites throughout the years, but the process has been really difficult.

It's a claim that is backed up by at least one first-person sugar baby account.

But Ms Urick rejects any criticism that Seeking Arrangement exploits women.

To not have any needs, to not have any desires of their own, to not have any push back against their power".

It is a criticism that has been levelled at many sugar daddy websites — that they exploit vulnerable women.

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