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Mc Claren posted the invitation he received on his blog last week. Donald Trump would like to extend a special invitation to Brian Mc Laren for a time of dialogue & leadership meeting with Mr. This private meeting will take place on Thursday, May 12th, pm at Trump Tower in NYC.""Donald Trump, Paula White Rallying Christian Support"?

Paula White is a false teacher if there ever was one, part of the whole TBN "Charismatic crowd", recently she has gone through a divorce and is dealing with claims she had an affair with Benny Hinn. But definitely she has taught the false "Name it and Claim it" and Word of Faith prosperity gospel.

Especially Y'anna Crawley and Amber Bullock that was totally embarrassing at the Stellar Awards..

K I don't think it's too much skin as much as it's a bad fitting. She is not a celebrity, she is (supposed to be) a minister.

The dress should be fitted to her body a little more and the bust area should be up at least an inch or 1/2 and inch more. -------- De Ce PTio N ------- I pray for her to have a revelation of God's holiness, purity & sanctification (not legalism, the kind that brings true liberty) ------BLe SS He R Hea RT : ( The Bible states to come out from among the world and be separate.

And she could have had a shawl to make everyone else happy who feels that she's showing too much shoulder. Paula White looks just like the world instead of looking like a holy woman she is commanded to be for the Bible also says "be ye holy as Iam holy " in I Peter .

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  1. Since she dated a lot before she got married — “Many men tried to court me before your grandpa caught me” — and stayed married for almost 40 years, I figured her tips had merit.