Is oprah still dating steadman

But you could share some info that might be a little tame, just confirm homo or bi status of people, without giving demeaning info or things only you could know. if you had sex with a guy, he wouldn't have only done it with you. If you come from that perspective of no harm, you can still share info - just not the juiciest parts of it.If you prefer, you can just call me at home and tell me everything. Most of the queens with high morals about revealing real gossip probably don't have any.I know I can't be the only actor living doing's how I see it.I don't spill the beans because I think it's in bad taste and I don't want to be talked about myself. I've had plenty sexual encounters with other actors and famous people, but what good is it to tell?

That was Danielle Craig blowing Anderson at that party? R86, I hear you and you're right (I'm very sad to say, because I want the info). You're not leaving them vulnerable or raw, you're not harming them.The bit about Sasha Baron Cohen would explain a great deal. No Roy = no 50 million dollar contract.c) Kenneth Feld (owner of Ringling Bros Circus, the Ice Capades, and who knows what else) was the agent and, I believe part owner, of the Show.Field was supposedly ruthless and would re-animate dead corpses to keep the money rolling in.d) DL eldgergay posters wrote extensively about Roy's deathe) Shirley Mc Claine says the new Roy isn't the real Roy.f) lastly, if you google pics of the old and new Roy's there is a noticeable height difference. This is usually where someone points out that posh private schools direct all their considerable resources towards getting their students into Oxford/Cambridge in the UK and the Ivy League in the US, so attending one of those universities is not as much of an indication of high intelligence as it might seem for people from privileged backgrounds.Considering how the Feld family treated their father's gay lover after his father's death, I wouldn't put anything past them.That Ed Asner is quietly gay and has a long time partner.

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I believed the Christian Bale gossip re: the men whom his pro-dom hired to fuck him.

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