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It was a giant V.” Worse, George adds, the replacement plate would “constantly fall out at inopportune times,” such as when she was eating.

One of the hardest scenes Barkin says she’s ever had to play was “this scene where I have to say to Mickey Rourke, I don’t know who I am, I have no sense of myself, I don’t know if I’m ugly or pretty” or what.

Looking back, I haven’t known anyone who’s been as influential to me as Ellen was.

She set a precedent of loyalty to the job and loyalty to oneself.

“I didn’t have Thirty something, Barkin was born in the Bronx and raised in Queens. Her soft-cheeked Beth was nearly cross-eyed with wistful confusion.

“Whatever went wrong, I could in my mind say, Well, with my teeth, them boys wouldn’t like me.” She didn’t get the V repaired until she was eighteen, after two years of badness.

As her brother, George, puts it, “She went from Barbie dolls to men.”Complicating Barkin’s teen years was a crack she delayed correcting. Which must have only increased her self-consciousness.“You know, I’ve never been able to even sit on a surfboard. “My biggest problem with being pregnant was that I used to pee in my pants all the time [from laughing],” she says. “I didn’t think I was falling in love with some nightmare guy or that I was gonna be the nightmare girl.Now, maybe that’s because, you know, we don’t really surf in the Bronx.” The tightrope training and the Spanish locations took a toll. The movie itself was a metaphysical riddle wrapped in Eurotrash, energized by a blue-steel performance by Jodie Foster before staggering to a slugged finish. I was falling in love with a real person who was also really the right guy for me. It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.”But Barkin isn’t so aglow with nuclear-family joy that she can’t see the allure in movies of prowling, jagged sex.But a couple of meetings with Barkin convinces me that she wouldn’t need backup to knock Sean Penn on bucket. “I’ll run right out,” she adds, making a face that indicates the Borax twenty-mule team couldn’t drag her into the theater. It was incredible.” A working-class Jewish family, the Barkins tended to be hidebound. It was my aunt growing pot in her backyard, and my uncle hoarding it in the closet upstairs, and then kind of doling it out.” Her mother was the last holdout. One regular was a tall, goony-looking galoot in glasses who asked her out and got nowhere.Long of leg and tousled mane, Ellen Barkin is one tough filly. It certainly wasn’t the worst pain I ever felt in my life. I’m sure people will hear me say that and think it’s a horrendous thing to say, but. “Oh,” she says, catching herself, “I wasn’t gonna say a word! “They weren’t freethinkers, my folks.” But there was this one. “And my father would say, ‘Ah, we did this in the forties, you know, you kids think you’ve found something new.’ ”Her older brother, George, was the major mentor in her life. He didn’t become good, I just kind of joined him in badness.”Q: When did you go bad? A year or so later she went to the movies, “and I’m developing this gigantic crush on this actor, this girlfriend and I are saying, ‘Oh, is he fabulous,’ and I keep saying, ‘I think I’ve seen this guy.’ And in the end his name flashed on the screen and I said, ‘Oh my God, this is the guy who used to ask me out in the Bagel.’ ” It was Jeff Goldblum.

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