Intimidating sports chants

Perry High School students told reporters that opposing fans not only chanted Trump’s name, but taunted them with comments about what the presidential candidate wants to do to get rid of undocumented immigrants. “We are really more of an urban school in a rural setting.

“As soon as I hear something like that, it just triggers me, makes me strive more, do it for my team, do it for my coaches, do it for my community," Shammond Ivory, a senior on the team, told WHO. Here at the high school, we are 48 percent minority,” said Perry High School Principal Dan Marburger.

The legal battle ended with a federal judge ruling to put the star quarterback into the game — and the fans at Gillette Stadium were sure to tell Goodell, and everyone watching on TV, that they stood on Brady’s side.

The chant just shows there’s no better way to support your team than to be in the stands.

Sports are all about having fun, and one way that fans can do it since they're not playing the game itself is by getting as loud as possible.

And rather than get in a back-and-forth argument with another team's fans, we like to build communities with each other by way of rallying chants.

Submitted by: I heard it through the grapevinethat your team was mighty tough!The chant became something more special than your run-of-the-mill team chant in 1986, when the Amazin’s beat the Red Sox in the World Series.The Mets were 27 games ahead going into the playoffs and the team had very high expectations.(Whelliston is on sabbatical, but his readers are attempting to travel to 800 games as a group, and the early results have produced some fantastic writing).Or maybe "I believe that we will win" will really sweep the nation the way Zombie Nation once did, infecting student sections at schools both large and small. I believe that I wouldn't have any problem with that.

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