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After a deposition, the Judge ruled the testimony by Erich Speckin and results we admissible.

The case settled before a trial testimony was required. Valery Aginsky Link to text version of Court Document – JJK Industries VS KPLUS Inc. Link to pdf version of Court Document – Order Denying Defendants’ Motion to Exclude the Testimony of Plaintiff’s Expert Erich J.

The jury of three men and three women deliberated for 2 and one-half days. Niksarli intentionally artificially aged a note in his chart concerning his purported conversation with the patient and his wife concerning the risks, benefits, and alternatives to LASIK surgery. D., also testified as an expert in vocational economics concerning plaintiffs loss of income.

The Honorable Doris Ling-Cohan presided over the trial. Devadas was a suitable candidate for LASIK surgery. Lyter is a former federal agent trained in ink dating analysis.

The plaintiff, Johnson Devadas, is a pharmacist who lives and works in Queens, New York. However, plaintiffs medical expert testified that he was not. D., and ophthalmologist and cornea specialist from Los Angeles, California, testified that prior to the elective surgery, the plaintiff had a contraindication to LASIK surgery, forme fruste keratoconus. Donzis explained that forme fruste keratoconus was a stable or abortive form of keratoconus that would not likely progress without LASK surgery.

However, as a result of the LASIK surgery, it caused the cornea to develop post-LASIK ectasia, or a progressive thinning of the cornea.

Albert Lyter III 47 Page Opinion of San Fransisco Federal Judge Alsup Federal Circuit Appeals Court upholds Federal District Court ruling including Alteration & Evidence Fabrication claims.

The court also affirms fees and costs associated with uncovering fraud.

(2001) Client: Jeff Miller – Lyon & Lyon (Now Orrick) – San Jose, California Opposing Unsuccessful Expert: Dr.

Erich Speckin testified to the handwriting analysis in deposition, Daubert hearing, and at the trial in the case. The testing included ESDA, sequence of lines, and ink dating using GC/ms for the detection of 2-PE. The writer ended up confessing to the majority of the alterations on the witness stand, but Erich Speckin testified to additional alterations and a page removal that was not acknowledged in trial in Anchorage, Alaska.

The Judge agreed with the findings and opinions on the dating and alterations to the documents and found in favor of our client, Exxon.

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