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I have no choice but to take this further and complain to Watford trading standards and Watchdog, as a start.Its clear from CEX's reputation online and in reviews and blogs, that Cex treats all their customers like horse manure.people involved chris round - manipulater simon hosman - mupit mathew cook - Instigater blake saxton.- lier Never will i shop at cex and i will make sure non of my freinds' family' nabours Infact everybody i know.Yes they steal, yes they lie, yes they manipulate and they do care who they make a victim of.I have evidence from investigation proving that they had manipulated the investigation to make me look guilty.Is there anything i can do about this to resolve the issue and get justice because at the moment im so angry about this that i feel that i want to seek my own justice in a not so pleasant way.

Home ###(Sign Out) Manage Website Inbox Edit Profile Invite All cex Store Phone Numbers manager emails and more i used to be a sales assistant for cex and i was instructed to do the following.

2) Last week (March, 12), I without thinking, again ordered HV40 UK Version from your website (Order No. The US Version of the same camera (Vixia) The UK Version was advertised on the website (Legria).

3) I returned the Camera by Special Delivery and CEX confirmed they had received it.

Swap parts from customers phones and replace them with broken parts and then say "it has failed the test" if customers forget to come back in 14 days my old manager would keep the items for himself or sell them to cex for his own profit knowingly sell broken stock to unsuspecting customers and refuse refund on thier return lie to customers telling them their stuff is grade c and then sell it for grade a knowingly buy stuff that we knew was stolen and the people who sold it would get less because they was stolen cex is a scam company and why they havnt been shut down is a mystery, cex's internal communication is essential to their operations, please join me in spamming these emails.

i have also added all the stores phone numbers and managers emails have fun If you want to email a store use the store name followed by @(for example [email protected]).

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