How to deal with intimidating people

99% of the time when things go buggy it is because of the mind thinking about its situation instead of thriving within it.

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My professor is incredibly smart, disciplined, and admirable.

Your Prof was once in the exact place that you are -- unsure and hopeful -- and she persevered against what was probably an even more difficult peer, and went on to be an educator. I completely understand your position; I have had professors which I desperately needed their approval and their passing grades.

Which I actually really appreciate and value because I hate when people goof off in college, and she is able to keep all those 'youngsters' well in line.

My problem is that I find her so intimidating, that I get so nervous it causes me to make careless mistakes!

Throughout the course of my four decades living this life I've learned--among other lessons--that no matter how whatever (smart, tough, fast, natural talent) you believe yourself to be or possess, someone somewhere out there has and exudes an air capable of intimidating you and chances are real good you're going to run into them at some point in your life.

The oddest nuance of this inevitability is often the kind of person who will so easily intimidate us.

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Breathe from your stomach, drop your shoulders and relax your face.

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