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A beautiful place to run away with a special friend to linger through the day. Wise Acre Eatery A garden store that opens up a restaurant?

That sounds like an odd evolution, but anyone familiar with Tangletown Gardens knows that its approach to landscaping reaches far beyond the average mulch.

The Highland Grill was its original neighborhood joint with the mismatched coffee cups, mammoth waffles, and hip/retro interior, and it continues to have lines that wrap around the block on weekends.

As good as the others are, though, we think Blue Plate has finally nailed it with the Lowry, its latest restaurant in the heart of Uptown.

The eggs served your way have obviously been very recently collected from happy chickens, their orange-hued yolks standing up tall and proud.They honestly do care that you have a great start to your day. Mill City Cafe ​Sporting one of the best patios for early-in-the-day dining, Mill City Cafe is a destination even for those far from its Northeast neighborhood.Area residents can pop in for a cup of strongly brewed coffee or linger over mimosas (served by both the glass and the pitcher.) Dish highlights include the decadent biscones (that's what you get when a mommy scone and a daddy biscuit love each other very much) served under a wonderfully salty mushroom or sausage gravy and eggs any way.The staff is laid back and eclectic, full of Uptown eccentricities.Many of the employees have been at this neighborhood café for years.

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