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There are three basic operators in Boolean logic: AND, OR and NOT. By means of the operators the search words are combined to execute more specific searches.

In the figure above the darker fields represent that which is retrieved through the different searches.

This is a good help to define searches in real time.

In the infancy of the search engines OR was common as the preselection in order for the searcher to get more hits.When you use search engines the distillation of good search words often constitutes the key to a successful search. If there are different spellings of a word, try to search on each word in Google or some other search engine to see which version of the word generates most hits and then use that spelling. Misspelt words only generate hits which are also misspelt. Common words generate large number of hits, but can be added to other words in a search query to get the right angle of the more uncommon words. But if you have trouble with the spelling just relax, the major search engines suggest spelling alternatives.On the search engines’ pages for advanced searches you can often select “without these words” or something similar, which means that the word may not occur on the pages in the hit list.Alternatively you can enter a minus sign before the search word in the usual search box, e.g., -saab. gives suggestions for searches when you start writing words into the search box.

Search for hhtp niurl sex 75 com:

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But you don’t need to be an expert to use the advanced search, on the contrary.

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