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Sad to say but there was something wrong with my camera, so I could not film. Just watch the video and let me know what you guys think. Saw some girls, all white chicks with fat ugly asses.

We immediately went to sleep but fucked like 3 times through the night until the morning. February 17, 2016 » Micha: Badoo date So, Micha, the girl I chatted with on Badoo and told me she was scared of ghosts, came over to my hotel last night around 2am, to feel protected. February 16, 2016 » Rosa Started this morning with checking out girls on Badoo. And yes, I found a new girl again, named Micha that came up with a strange story: s... My friends came to pick me up in the morning and brought me to a big famous bridge (in Batam) and then to Nongsa Point where we could swim in a VIP village. February 14, 2016 » Rini: Valentine’s fuck Went for another walk around the city and wanted to have a good Valentine’s fuck today.

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But the now-empty alleyways do not mean the sex trade has disappeared, just dispersed.While Indonesian brothels enforce strict health measures, such as regular HIV tests, others say such programmes violate sex workers’ rights and cultivate reliant behaviours.With many brothels closed, HIV outreach workers are scrambling to change their approach.According to Mbak Ida, “now that more people are on their own, we hardly know where to find everyone - we rely on informal information, phone calls and gossip.” The 2012 Indonesian AIDS Commission’s report to the UN General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS noted that non brothel-based sex workers “continued to be deeply disadvantaged in their access to information, supplies, and services”. Most of her colleagues are former clients, but she does not do sex work any more.Since Dolly stuttered to a close in July, Susi, a 34-year-old former sex worker, has been working on a construction site earning 400,000 rupiah (US) per month - a fraction of her earnings at the brothel. “I can’t do sex work outside of the brothel because I am too afraid to negotiate prices and condoms,” she said.

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  2. But when that information is shared, you and your partner can both make informed choices about safer sex, including using condoms and medicines that prevent and treat HIV. campaign has information and resources as well as practical tips for starting conversations about safe sex and HIV.