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A curved control plated offered switches for pickup and tone (capacitor) selection, plus a mute switch, and a volume control.

An all-new Hagstrom vibrato tailpiece was also added.

A Luthier and dealers I have visited all say it is one of, if not the cleanest vintage guitars they have seen. Considering any fair price a restorer/collector may be willing to pay.

The guitar is all original, never been touched except to play. IF ANYONE KNOWS WHARE I MIGHT FIND ONE-- THANKS-RHP : : I've got one ! : Hi guitar and original case in original condition. 3 pick-up sunburst with an awesome neck that is straight & true!

He played on "Mac Arthur Park," Sinatra's recording of "That's Life," and even on the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds".

SERIAL NUMBER 731568 I can't seem ta upload a picture so I will link a video of it in action. v=Pm70r7UJu44 -Steve For those interested: Just posted my Scanbass for sale on Ebay. Or call: 358417795064/Tommi : I´ve got one and I´m broke. I was looking at a similar guitar in a music store in Helsinki last year. Looking for replacement part to restore it, and wondering how to find out what it is worth, and how to sell it for maximum value! thanks, Miz A Hi, I have a hagstrom guitar, looks like the Swede, with serial number 53 913 032, but it has the lettets P. Where i live (amsterdam / holland) there are no hagstrom dealers. Hagstrom only made 306 of the lefty Hagstrom III guitars. Just came into a hagstrom Kent model #639472, all we can see missing is the bottom bridge. It has two chrome finger and thumb rests along with separate controls for the pickups. In 1965, Hagstrom decided that these instruments would be renamed as the Hagstrom 1, and they were produced until 1971; however in 1966 the pickups changed to the more familiar rectangular shape.These two examples, a 1965 Hagstrom 1 Bass and Guitar Set, for sale as a set, are very interesting.

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