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Alexandra is unique as she blogs about her dates with Niko on her website.

Kate Mc Reary: You first meet Kate Mc Reary in the mission "Harboring a Grudge." She becomes date-able after the mission "Waste Not Want Knots." Her brother Packie Mc Reary calls Niko and asks him to ask her out.4.

Fuks' Rice Box, Superstar Cafe***Top Drinking Locations***: Comrades Bar, Lucky Winkles, Steinway Beer Garden, Jerkov's, Club Liberty***Top Show Venues***: Perestroika, Split Sides***Top Activities***: Darts, Strip Club***Secondary Activities***: Bowling, Pool Kiki Jenkins***Preferred Vehicles:*** Washington, Dilettante, Marbella, Chavos, Willard***Cars she dislikes:*** Sabre GT, Turismo, Infernus, Coquette, Super GT***Nikos preferred clothing:*** Russian, Hats, Glasses***Nikos clothing she dislikes:*** Modo, Perseus When it comes to Food Venues, Kiki is in the middle about all of them. ***Top Drinking Places***: Jerkov's, Club Liberty***Secondary Drinking Places***: Steinway Beer Garden, Lucky Winkles, Comrades Bar, Kiki likes both Split Sides and Perestroika Show Venues very much.***Top Activities***: Bowling, Darts, Pool***Hated Activities***: Strip Club Alexandra Chilton***Cars she likes:*** Huntley, Turismo, Stretch, Infernus, Cognoscenti***Cars she dislikes:***Dukes, Bobcat, Pony, Willard, Emperor***Nikos preferred clothing:*** Perseus ***Nikos clothing she dislikes:*** Modo, Russian***Top Food Venues***: Diners, Pizza This***Secondary Food Venues***: Burger Shot, Cluckin' Bell, Superstar Cafe, Mr.

Simply click on her profile and then click the contact option. This brings up a number of humorous ads for women looking for a special someone. Alex is listed under Liberated Woman and her ad reads: Party girl seeks man for NSA fun and blog material-29 (Lancaster) You need to click Contact me at the bottom of her ad.

One of the more valuable perks to dating in my opinion.

Alexandra Chilton: Once you reach above 60 percent with her, and sleep with her, you will get a call from Alex saying that she can offer you a 50 percent discount in all clothing shops in Liberty City, but only for a 24-hour game period after the ability has been unlocked.***6.

Extra Secrets***This section will list some of the little extras you will encounter while dating. Alexandra Chilton's blog: Once you start dating Alexandra, you can regularly check in on her blog site at

She is listed under "Liberated Woman." She will regularly update her blog with all sorts of details about her dates with Niko.

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Dating in GTA IV*** Dating was something that was first introduced in GTA San Andreas.

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