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Sexting and online sex means using phone calls, text messages, internet chat rooms, email, instant messaging or online video chat (such as Skype or Face Time) to exchange sex chat with another person or to send explicit pictures or video.

Someone you meet online for 'no ties' sessions could track you down in the real world.

It can involve talking or flirting or partners can masturbate.

Some people only use text, others will take pictures or videos of themselves using webcams.

As there is no physical contact during sexting and online sex (also called ‘cyber sex’, 'virtual sex' or ‘phone sex’) there is no risk of sexually transmitted infections to either partner.

However, there are still other risks from sexting and online sex and some things you should know if you're thinking of trying it.

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If your images do get into the wrong hands this could be highly embarrassing and could impact on your job and your other relationships.

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