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Shachi's first offspring, J-29, lived only a few weeks.She spent much of her time babysitting young calves until July 1, 2005 when she had her second known offspring, Eclipse (J-41).Hy'Shqa has two living siblings Suttles (J-40) and Se-Yi'-Chn (J-45).With the death of their mother in 2016, Hy'Shqa is now the matriarch of her family.Whales in the three pods who have been named are available for adoption.Simply click a photo below to learn more about that whale and to adopt an orca.Granny is one of the whales in the "Free Willy" movies. Mike (J-26), Alki (J-36), Echo (J-42), and Scarlet (J-50).

had her first offspring, T'ílem Ínges (J-49), in August 2012.

This is a very independent family group who sometimes travels away from the rest of the community.

Princess Angeline is named after the daughter of Chief Seattle, the Duwamish elder for whom Seattle is named.

Tahlequah's two living siblings are her brother Moby (J-44), and her sister Kiki (J-53).

Tahlequah is mother to Notch (J-47) who was born in 2010.

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