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The total fraud was €58,451 and the court also heard she is repaying it at a rate of €15 a week.

So far she has given back €900, Judge Brennan was told.

He noted what was said about her being left without maintenance but the fact that the fraud involved substantial amounts for a long period of time meant it was hard to see how there would not be a custodial sentence, he warned.

With Baby Boomers becoming grandparents, the stodgy old codger and plump, cookie-baking white frizzy haired grandparents are getting a massive facelift.

It is, however, more difficult for our older g-child to explain to her Iowa friends what Babci and Dziadzio mean, than say, in ethnic Chicago!!!

Hubby's sister in Indianapolis adopted Bunia for herself with her g-children, and so it continues... I grew up with a Babcia, a Baba, a Bamboo, and a Grandpa.

Pic: Collins Courts Christina Mulhall, 58yrs, of Lower Sean Mc Dermott Street, Dublin pictured leaving the Four Courts yesterday after she appeared before the Dublin District Court in relation to social welfare fraud offences..

They can also continue to recoup money owed after criminal proceedings have concluded.

Prosecution solicitor Joseph Maguire told the court that Mulhall carried out two frauds relating to disability benefits and the one parent family payment.

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