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And what women say they like and actually respond to .... There is absolutely nothing to be gained by doing this. "Hi, I liked your profile, message me back if you like mine"... When someone sends a novel, you just know it's a cut and paste job...If there's a set character minimum, and you're not clever enough to use it well, then you better not be on the forums whining that no one ever answers your messages. and "Yo, yer hot" doesn't work either When someone sends me a message the only thing I'm going to do is look at their profile (picture first), then content...If she liked your pics and profile she will probably reply.A good introduction message is one that shows that you have taken the time to read their profile.I want to see that you can see humour and not take things so damned literally.That you can perhaps laugh at yourself, and string more than three sentences together WITH punctuation and correct spelling.I do reply to almost all emails even if it's to say that I'm not interested and I've found most men say that they appreciate receiving some type of reply. I have a 200 charactor minimum for the first message. Originality, brevity, sincerity and humour work well. And don't forget to actually ask them out on a date at some point if you do get replies.In my experience not actually being asked out by guys they are talking to is something women on dating sites say happens a lot and it annoys or disappoints them.

I generally dislike the three word introductory emails but if I like your picture and your profile has substance (i.e.I'm cosigning with most of the posts regarding a reference to her profile.I dislike the "###-###-#### call me," or "hello/how u doin/wanna chat" because it seems they gave up all efforts.End it with a question specific to the profile you just saw.A question to them shows interest and that you want to a reply.

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If you mention even one thing they listed in their profile, that should help.

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  1. The world is not divided into two groups of people: the naturally magnetic eye-catchers and the wallflowers who are destined to blend into the background. First things first..can't attract someone special if they can’t find you, so you've got to pry yourself away from those "House" reruns and get out into the world. When you look your best, it changes your whole demeanor.