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when I debated advocacy journalist Glenn Greenwald in Toronto on the whole Snowden episode,” Hayden recalled.

His debate partner was Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor known for his dogmatic defense of Israel. In his conclusion to the anecdote, Hayden claps himself on the back for standing up to the mighty Greenwald.

Prominent scholar and Israel-Palestine expert Norman Finkelstein has accused Dershowitz of plagiarizing error-ridden and debunked pro-Israel literature. is a surveillance state, dismissively calling the notion “the surveillance-state meme.”When Ohanian argued in defense of internet freedom, Hayden insisted he is the true defender of internet freedom, fighting the evil “Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and a host of other autocrats.”Dershowitz, on the other hand, “hammered” the argument that “motives matter, he declared, even when people might be wrong — a rebuttal to Greenwald’s dismissal of our moral worth and the worth of any of our arguments,” Hayden writes, in what appears to be a rare admission among an otherwise incredibly defensive text that perhaps U. “Alan and I held our own in the debate,” he recalled.

Greenwald’s debate partner was Reddit co-founder and Internet activist Alexis Ohanian. “It was truly a road game for us.”“Afterward I exchanged cards with Ohanian.

“They are also conclusions masquerading as narrative.”He accuses journalists of following “the general trend in coverage of American espionage, which is to say walking the story to the darkest corner of the room,” and even goes so far as to reduce much American national security journalism to “espionage porn.”Whistle-blowers face even harsher scorn in the former U. While describing journalist Andrew Sullivan as “consistently anti-Bush,” Hayden calls Greenwald “pretty much anti-everything.”In one anecdote, Hayden even characterizes a 2014 debate with Greenwald as an opportunity “to look the devil in the eye.”Salon spoke with Greenwald, who said he was honored by the intelligence official’s ill feelings.“If my work weren’t intensely bothersome to George Bush’s NSA and CIA chief, I’d be seriously worried, and deeply embarrassed,” Greenwald said.“Good journalists are adversarial to those who wield the kind of power Gen. A retired four-star Air Force general, Hayden has been the only person to serve as director of both the CIA and the NSA.“Playing to the Edge,” therefore, provides a fascinating glimpse into how U. The incident, known as Operation Orchard, is little-known because the Israeli and U. governments forced the media to remain silent about it for several months after it happened.At a strategic crossroads between Syria, Turkey and Iraq, the traditional Yazidi heartland has become a flash point for Kurdish political rivalries.“We feel like a toy in the hands of the politicians,” a Yazidi religious sheikh said.Fliers can still travel with the portable electronic devices, but they must be packed in their checked baggage. The wall will cost a lot more — politically and economically — than the president has publicly acknowledged. ban applies to 10 airports in eight Muslim-majority countries.

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