Giving up dating geeks

And to be perfectly honest, it was one of the best things I could have done.

While I don’t think I have a type per se, I was told I always dated “nerdy” guys.

Chances are he’s read several books on how to please a woman and studied Adult Videos so that when he DOES get his opportunity, he won’t disappoint…and the woman will come back for more.

In fact, a British study involving IT “techy” dudes indicated that geeky guys put their partner’s sexual needs ahead of their own, while cock diesel, fitness freaks were typically more selfish in bed. Wade lookalike with the big arms may be having MORE sex than the nerdy guy, but that doesn’t mean he’s better at it.

I personally like to refer to them as “academic” – because “nerdy” seems to imply that they’re socially inept, lack muscles, wear cuffed jeans and thick glasses.

That is what is defined as “nerdy” by society’s standards – shy, awkward men who love comic books, Star Trek and wizardry.

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