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It also demonstrates that you’re not over eager or desperate to chat away with her, hence the “we’ll talk later” vibe. Ok, so about a week later of commenting back and forth a bit on her status or photo (or yours), she will have gotten a feel for your vibe and be able to gauge your humor or lack there of.

At that point- you can shoot her an inbox message or chat text.

I can get away with thanking a girl for accepting my friend request, but that’s due to external factors which will have already put me in a position of power [the way I structure my profile].

You as the average Joe with a mediocre-standardized profile, who isn’t keen on seducing girls online, should avoid thanking girls at all cost ’cause you’ll only fuck your chances.

By waiting 4 days to a week to strike up a meaningful conversation (via text), it cannot hurt your cause 1 bit.

😉 Before I wrap up, I just want to emphasize that contacting a girl right away is NOT the problem essentially.

The average guy who’s unskilled in the art of texting girls, will have sunken his own ship before leaving port.

In other words; his first text would’ve been suicide! Such a message does NOT put pressure on the girl to have to reply since you aren’t asking her anything but merely filling her in on something.

For instance, if you’re visiting Vegas for a weekend of fun and happen to get a girl’s phone number, and she’s only there for 2 days, it’d be quite frikkin’ stupid on your part [the guy’s] to wait 4 days to contact her. So in such a case with such a girl, it’d be expedient and wise to contact her right away in order to set something up. That is a perfect example where you as the guy must execute social intelligence opposed to relying on a communication rule.

Now if this happens to be a chick from your town or city, there’s no real need to contact her right away in order to seal the deal since you’ll always be able to do that at a later date.

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Refrain from the temptation of wanting to all-out converse right after she accepts your friend request. Why not just contact her right away and put it all on the line and have a great conversation”!? But it’s better to be wise and strategic than to operate from a position of desperation and over excitement.

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