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"Unless we invest a lot in prevention, I think it's going to be like that for many more years," said Steben.Jean-Marc Cardinal is seen in his barber shop Wednesday, March 4, 2015 in Montreal."They are younger, they have more partners, they are not always protected," said Thomas.There are now more than 23, 000 cases of chlamydia in Quebec -- triple what is was 15 years ago."If you have between 300 and 500 HIV cases each year in Quebec, for me, it's very high," said Thomas.Doctors would like to see more schools in Quebec teach sexual education, but the province is still working on a pilot project to teach teenagers the basics.

Thomas said those between 15 and 24 are most at risk.Back in Montreal, Cardinal said he expects the village to stay predominantly gay for some time, but that it needs to attract more people to live and work in the area and for entrepreneurs to invest in more than just clubs."There is a lot lacking in this neighbourhood," he says.Seriously, all those headless torsos are either jacked or hella slim.Either way, they usually have some form of six-pack going on.

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All the anglos reading know the struggle is real, especially since you're basically cutting your available options to less than half.

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