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Divorce followed, and his two daughters didn’t speak to him for eight years.The youngest kid, a boy, never had a problem with his dad’s homosexuality.“I tell people right away when I meet them,” he says.“I haven’t had anyone run away, but I also haven’t dated anyone who wanted kids himself.” Michael’s children are adults now, and he’s on great terms with them.

When I first came out, it was so easy to go to the bar or a club, drink, find a cute guy and go home with him.“I don’t do online dating, I just don’t like the impersonal aspect of it, and most men I meet at bars and such aren’t serious and tend to be much younger than I am.” Louis is a self-employed home decorator, which would seem to be a gay-guy magnet. “I do have lots of gay male clients, but they are usually couples already married and moving into new homes,” he says. Now I’m a middle-aged man with a belly and a kid who lives with me every other week.“Most gay couples I know with kids tend to socialize with other married guys.” Louis also admits to having insecurities in the dating department. Every month I say I’m going to start a new gym routine, then there are problems with the new house, or with my son’s school, or with work—I never find the time.Whether because of having children from divorce (from a woman or a man), or a break-up from a partner, or some other reason, lots of guys raising kids are single, and lots of those guys are dating.We spoke with three single gay dads, to ask them what it’s like to date in 2014, kids in tow.

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