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Bahasa Indonesion is very easy to pick up since there isn’t much grammar and it sounds phonetically the way it’s spelled.There’s so many fine women in that place, it was hard to leave.I think Vietnam is all about day game and online game.

The doors wouldn’t open and he kept driving when I was telling him to stop in Vietnamese and I lost him on a one way street by changing direction and running behind his car.I was able to learn a bit of Thai and it really wasn’t until I returned there for a 2 week stopover after Indonesia that I felt dialed in and really started having more success. “Good” girls are not likely to be out in most of the clubs we came across (In Saigon anyway) and these girls that are hookers are too hardcore.The pros might like you but they were just as stubborn about getting you to pay as I was about the principle of NOT paying.Indonesia was a welcome relief and where I first started doubling up consistently.I went from being just another “falang” in Thailand (and even in Vietnam) to exploiting the “white god factor”.

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