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I called ******** and asked for the check number for the missing checks.

I faxed the dates and amounts the 3rd of April 2014. She said her boss told her not to answer any questions.

Accordingly, on that date each stockholder should recognize gain or loss in an amount equal to the difference between (x) the fair market value of such stockholder's pro rata share of the net equity of the Company transferred to the Liquidating Trust, and (y) such stockholder's adjusted tax basis in the shares of the Company's common stock held by such stockholder on the Record Date.Subject to certain exceptions related to transfer by will, intestate succession or operation of law, beneficial interests in the Liquidating Trust will not be transferable, nor will a beneficiary have authority or power to sell or in any other manner dispose of any such beneficial interests.On the date of the conversion, the economic value of each unit of beneficial interest will be equivalent to the economic value of a share of the Company's common stock.The operating partnership will be dissolved in connection with the dissolution of the Company, and all of its assets and liabilities will be distributed to the Company immediately before the transfer to the Liquidating Trust. It is expected that from time to time the Liquidating Trust will make distributions of its assets to beneficiaries, but only to the extent that such assets will not be needed to provide for the liabilities (including contingent liabilities) assumed by the Liquidating Trust.It is currently contemplated that all of the members of the Company's board of directors, Gary H. No assurances can be given as to the amount or timing of any distributions by the Liquidating Trust.

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The Liquidating Trust is intended to qualify as a "liquidating (grantor) trust" for federal income tax purposes.

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