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I have to maintain my wardrobe carefully because Brandon and I have to attend parties thrown by the company, which are held quite often.

During these parties Brandon often gets complemented by his boss, a big guy by the name of Ronald.

Thankfully the meeting was’nt scheduled to last all day. The guy’s suggested we go for a drink, since we were given the rest of the day off.

But he refused and said she was so innocent and he couldn’t even imagine her sucking a cock.

He was so cute and it looked like he had a really nice body. Actually we haven’t divorced yet but she isn’t my wife anymore.

(Read More…) Popularity: 16% The husband finds out that his wife is cheating on him, he definitely knows that he’s not gonna put up with that so he’s gonna get busy with the lover… Nobody has ever told me that your beloved person’s treachery hurts more than lashes or deep wounds. She knows what is good and what is evil but for some reason she forgot about this when she acted the way I can’t understand now.

Doug, Steve and myself rode together to the site of the meeting.

Not really wanting to be there, my concentration was lacking.

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He works as a top manager and therefore, due to his work, he has to often leave his home for a long time.

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