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These tools are great for guys like me, who are usually to pussy to actually pick up the phone to talk to a girl.

Instant messaging has introduced new methods of flirting.

I would say all sorts of things to show him that I was busy and would not be waiting around for his next move.” This could get confusing since a girl who is not interested will likely sign off first as well. So to help you out, I have consulted with a number of trusted women to help you find out if a girl is actually interested or if she wants nothing to do with you.I asked my fiancé, as well as good friends Sarah, Megan, Amanda, Karen and Melissa.EXCLAMATION POINTS Exclamation points are a great sign. For example Heyyyyyy or Byyyyee are always good signs. Once again here’s what my fiancé noticed when digging through some old conversations: THEY SAY GOODBYE FIRST This was another one I was unaware of before starting this post.Here’s what my future wife had to say after she went through saved AIM conversations between me and her (apparently this is common among broads): “Apparently, I thought I was Tony the Tiger and I needed to extend all my vowels with lots of letters “greeeeatttt! or Byeeeeeee or I knowwwww (there was a lot of that one). I had multiple responses from my “focus group” saying they always would try to sign off first.

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