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In an interview for news channel BFM TV, Ms Le Pen called for a “national currency”, although she stopped short of calling for the abolition of the euro, indicating instead that the two currencies could work side-by-side.“I want a national currency with the euro as a common currency,” she said.One problem with using conditional inclusion of text is that an html editor's view of the clp file will include both versions of the text since it ignores unknown tags like clp_ifdef.Thus you'll have to balance the power of using conditional text inclusion against the problems it creates in that your html editor can't display the final product.The parser simply locates all calls to clp functions in the file and separates them from the text that is sent back verbatim as part of the response.A clp file is parsed when it's first referenced in an http request and the results of the parse are cached The clp file is not parsed again unless the file is updated on disk.clp files provide a way of mixing static and dynamic html that works well with the webaction framework.

Allegro Serve offers two different ways of creating dynamic pages.

The most general is the publish function which allows the programmer to completely generate the response to an http request.

Also the publish-multi function creates pages that are a mixture of static data and data generated by a lisp function.

Finally the text after the http_header-value tag will be sent to the browser.

The clp function http_header-value is supplied with Allegro Serve.

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