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They confiscated his 9mm handgun — but gave it back to him after a couple of weeks.Joshua Asseraf, 22, of Sunrise, pleaded guilty to a federal child enticement charge after he was arrested in a federal law enforcement sting.Prosecutor Catherine Koontz told the judge that investigators searched Asseraf's phone, with his consent, and found a number of communications he had with what they believe are real people.In one conversation with what appeared to be a 16-year-old girl, Asseraf had made arrangements to meet up with her for sex, authorities said.He said he had been in the Army, where he made about ,000 a year.

(Sun Sentinel / Broward Sheriff's Office Handout)FBI agents said Asseraf began communicating with the undercover agent on a messaging board last week and then started texting about meeting the man and his fictional 9-year-old daughter for sex.

(Sun Sentinel / Broward Sheriff's Office Handout) A lifeguard was fired from his job at the City of Fort Lauderdale's Aquatic Center Friday days after he was arrested on allegations he tried to meet what he thought was a 9-year-old girl for sex.

Joshua Asseraf, 22, of Sunrise, showed up — with two stuffed animal toys he said were a gift for the girl — Monday at a Broward County hotel where he was arrested, authorities said.

State authorities could also file first-degree murder charges against Santiago, but that’s unnecessary for now, said former federal prosecutor David Weinstein, who is not associated with the case.

The New Jersey native, who was raised in Puerto Rico and moved to Alaska in 2014, gave “yes” and “no” answers to a series of questions about his personal finances during the 20-minute hearing.

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