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On that night, she and Colton embraced and kissed at the door and after she removed her shoes, they kissed some more because their schedules had conflicted, meaning hadn't seen each other outside school and it was good to get together.

More throat kisses and he was again ready to caress Toni's breasts with his mouth.

As it had turned out, Colton was a classmate that had been eyeing her up for awhile but hadn't asked her out because she had been with her ex.

Now that she was available for the most part, he got up the nerve to ask her out.

This helped some, but the incredible pleasure she was giving to him could not be denied. " "That's just two things I like to do to a guy," she said sexily as she licked his cock clean. He had just taken one of her tits in his hands and was licking her sensitive nipples when she stopped him. As they made their way there, kissing each other again, Toni was still wearing her thong, but it so dripping wet that the front of it was transparent and clinging to her lovely pussy and did nothing to conceal her charms.

After a few minutes she sat next to him on the sofa. Once in the bedroom, Colton pulled off Toni's soaked thong and she lay down on the bed, her legs slightly open for him.

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