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This paper will trace the evolution of gay support groups within this terrain of meta-narrative conflicts.

It will explore the types of support groups in existence, the strategies employed in planting and nurturing these groups, the obstacles faced and the impact these groups have had on the Singaporean discourse on diversity.

3 months na kaming nagre- rehearse para sa Cantata.

Pumunta ako sa CR sa Main Building at dun ko naisip ilabas ang libog ko habang pinagpapantasyahan si Piolo. Dali-dali akong tumayo at nagkunwariang naihi lang. Lumabas na ako ng cubicle at pagbukas ko ay si Piolo pala yun.

'June is traditionally LGBT Pride Month worldwide, and in Singapore, we will be coming together to celebrate the freedom to love at Pink Dot on 29 June 2013.- Singapore Authorities Cancel Another indig Nation Event.

- Singapore park forbids gay-rights picnic, jog; says politics not welcome in green spaces.

These battles are often fought in the public sphere via the discourses of Asian and family values, sexual abstinence as the primary anti-HIV message and allowing religious voices in the political space.

"Somewhere out there, not just in Singapore but throughout Asia, there are lots of young people who are suffering the way I suffered years ago," Leona, 32, tells AFP in an interview.

Asian Gay and Lesbian Network Slams Singapore's Gay Sex Prohibition. - Prominent Gay Opponent appointed to Singapore Parliament.

However this requires celebrating diversity; including sexual diversity.

Thus the issue of gay freedom of expression has been a focal point in the public debate on societal diversity.

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- Why do Singapore politicians remain silent on gay issues? - Singapore Churchies Seek More Anti-Gay Prohibitions.

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