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Minimum size to place on your blog posts: 600 x 315.If you’re posting a link via Facebook, and the linked page includes photos, you can use the arrows to choose the desired thumbnail, check the box for no thumbnail, or upload a different image.NOTE: Your Page Name, category, and buttons have moved inside the Cover Photo as of mid-June 2014.Grab my template at the link below so they won’t obstruct an important part of your Cover design.

How to Report Claims of Intellectual Property Infringement.

The is displayed on your Fan Page at 160px square, but must be uploaded at least 180px square.

You can also upload a larger image, preferably in a multiple of 180, such as 360, 540, or 720, and Facebook will resize it for you.

Start with an image that’s at least 851 pixels wide.

Enlarging a lower resolution image can make it look fuzzy or pixelated.

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