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While it is true that famous or public figures who seek recognition have thereby surrendered some privacy, they may have the right to control the commercial use of their image (likeness, voice, signature, etc.).

Note also that related causes of action may be pursued under the federal Lanham Act, 15 U. While an individual’s right to privacy generally ends when the individual dies, publicity rights associated with the commercial value connected with an individual’s name, image or voice may continue.Issues pertaining to privacy and publicity may arise when a researcher contemplates the use of letters, diary entries, photographs or reportage in visual, audio, and print formats found in library collections.Because two or more people are often involved in the work (e.g., photographer and subject, interviewer and interviewee) and because of the ease with which various media in digital format can be reused, photographs, audio files, and motion pictures represent materials in which issues of privacy and publicity emerge with some frequency.The Teen Mom star is seen naked from the waist up during the surgery, which took place on May 31, just three days after she turned 22 (the FDA's minimum age for a woman to get silicone implants), according to In Touch.She is also seen proudly holding the silicone implants prior to the surgery as she poses in a skimpy bikini, telling the magazine that she opted for the surgery because her saline C-cups 'felt like water balloons.'In a note published on Charlie told the former reality star: 'I truly do not recall giving you permission to globally reveal any communication between us.

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