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Meanwhile, the two hard-working actors have kept up an excellent friendship over the past 10 years. It was Ruby's first try as a producer and she was under tremendous pressure.

Wallace decided to help by playing one of the royals who fell for the heroine. Viewers were impressed by his portrayal and many a heart was broken for him.

Even if you manage to get them out of their labs, you might find that their minds are still at the bench.

Many scientists confess to thinking obsessively about their work, so much so that it's almost viewed as some sort of virtue, a mark of commitment to the cause of science.

Over the years, the two friends were often linked together, but they never admitted any romantic feelings.Ruby wrote, "Turned out happiness has been so close to me. - Much (virtual) ink has been spilled over the pages of our columns to show that scientists are people too.But as our columnists also show, scientists tend to do things a little... In my own experience, there There are many jobs out there that are very demanding on an employees' time; lawyers, investment bankers and doctors all come to mind.But scientists are unique in that they are more like small business owners than employees.

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