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But, jump ahead a couple of grades, and this can become a real serious issue. That often means allowing kids the room to falter, make mistakes, and then troubleshoot their way to a solution on their own.

In this instance, that could mean laying down the rules, and then allowing your children to handle this new technology on their own, and hope they do it responsibility.

Take a minute to read more about our family, and if you like what you see here, why not get our posts sent right to your inbox?! Welcome to Home with the Boys, where you will discover encouragement for bringing your family closer to God and closer together!To be honest, I don't know if I'd be brave enough to ever use a service like this.But for fun-loving, adventurous, and single i Phone 4 users, it's a great service!What is to stop them from video chatting at 1 or 2 am with their girl or boy friends? What troubled my friend even more, is that when she brought up this topic and asked these questions to parents, most said they never thought of it that way and were horrified by the implications.In some cases, parents didn’t even realize that Ipods had that capability.

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