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He does everything in his power to make me happy and to ensure that I will have a comfortable and good life.

We respect one another, and we communicate well when any insecurities or fears come up.

I understand that I made a big sacrifice when I married Ryan. I never planned on this, and in a way, yes, I am giving up on a large part of my life. It's about doing things to make your spouse happy, while fully trusting that they will do the same for you.

My husband is the most genuine, kind-hearted and caring soul that I have ever met.

Somehow, Ryan still managed to support me and love me and be there for me. I would have to start over again and again each time Ryan got stationed somewhere new.

By the time the first month passed, I had already made up my mind: I would follow my sailor wherever his duty took him. I began reaching out to other women in the same situation as me -- other military wives and girlfriends living all over the country. So many amazing women, who I sincerely am grateful for, answered all my questions and gave me a better picture of what my life would be like as a sailor's wife. I would face multiple deployments that could last anywhere from six months to a year, and I would deal with homecomings that could be precious but also very difficult.

We also couldn't sleep together since he had a base curfew.) While we tried to keep our quickie wedding under wraps, we ultimately had to tell close family members and a few friends.Sometimes I'm resentful that instead of a huge celebration and congratulations over my engagement and marriage, I got looks of shock and unsolicited advice.Sometimes I wish Ryan was a civilian and that instead of the Navy calling the shots, we could.Understandably, it was hard for a lot of people to swallow our decision to move so fast at a relatively young age (I'm 23, and Ryan's 25).It was even harder for the people who loved me to watch me choose to up and leave New York, a city I had been dreaming of living in since I was 13, to follow a man. I tried my best to bite my tongue, let people give me their advice, and then do exactly what I knew in my heart was right: Go ahead and marry my sailor.

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