Eunjung and jang woo dating in real life

The drama was a success, and brought high domestic viewership ratings.It also gained popularity in other countries and won several international awards. I also watched your dramas, movies and variety shows. Then i got addicted to all T-ara songs especially sugar free cos i love club music. I first saw and start liked you from Coffee House series. I thought you were adorable and a very talented young woman. I'be rooting for you in your activities, movies, and drama.

at that time she was cameo but last year she was the lead (I know she was fired but without these rumers she could play in that drama) I hope she becomes more successful in near future! few days ago i was watching princess hours & i saw eunjung in the first EPS!!!! oh ya i heard that you will take a role in move the boss begins with lee jangwoo. I love her so much.really totally awesome and talented..can sing,dance,rap,and good actor.she have best look :)) cute,pretty,beautiful and also hemsem at some times..:))) i wish i can meet u one day eunjung..i hope so! you are the best in this field thats why some people will pull you down but keep on fighting with your beautiful soul im sure you will overcome them all dont let those bad things let you down we dont want to see you sad and crying we love HAHM EUNJUNG!!!Now that I have, she is very pleased I have acting as a priority.She believes her original prayers were answered." Afterwards, she had several minor roles in movies and Korean dramas, along with being cast in a handful of commercial films. where she appeared as a high school student who was unfairly cheated out of a grade which could have put her above the top 40 point.

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