Eunhyuk dating sooyoung

They broke up a long time ago & the relationship didn’t lasts long. NA made an announcement that she is leaving Cube entertainment.It was done by mistake but by the time she could get back the photo it was reposted by her followers.If suddenly rain comes,the dating situation will tremendously change,he thinks.He wants to share his belief, thoughts about life,future plan with the girl on that day.Lee Ji-eun is better known by the stage name as IU.

He told that while he saw Sooyoung,he felt that she is the prettiest member of the groups.

Their first debut was withheld due to some reasons. The news says they were dating for many years but their relationship was broken naturally. Choi soo-young is the full name of south Korean singer Sooyoung.

She too had a career to be a singer belonging to five members crew. Eunhyuk was affectionate to SNSD`s girl member Sooyoung.

After this fake rumor IU strongly opened her mouth & said that the news is false.

Atlast she delivered the statement to put an end to this issue.

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