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// Ethnomycology is considered a subfield of ethnobiology that studies the roles of fungi in different cultures.The study of the names that people give to the elements of their environment is a useful starting point for elucidating the underlying nomenclatural patterns, and for understanding the ways in which people conceptualize, perceive, value and classify them.En Argentina, y particularmente en Córdoba, son escasos y fragmentarios los datos disponibles sobre los vínculos y conocimientos que los diferentes grupos humanos poseen sobre los hongos.Para contribuir a cambiar esta situación, se realizó una investigación etnomicológica con los campesinos serranos del poblado de La Paz.Se trabajó con un enfoque cualitativo; los datos se recopilaron mediante entrevistas abiertas, recorridos por el entorno y observación participante.

Tony Popovic has passed on the chance to sign clubless Premier League legend Dimitar Berbatov – concluding that the Bulgarian veteran lacks the work ethic and the legs to fit into Western Sydney Wanderers' hard running style.Not unlike other countries, Australia owes a lot to its foreign legion for a level of our game that would have been unthinkable, say, 20 years ago when the National Soccer League was on its last legs.How successful would Spain's Primera Division be without Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Ronaldo, Modric, Benzema and Griezmann?Names were linguistically analyzed, and results show that peasants group these species in nine categories, based mainly on morphological and substrate characteristics.Based on these results, an ethnoclassificatory scheme of the species is proposed, which shows that vernacular categories occasionally overlap and do not define an absolutely hierarchical system.

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