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The The measures in case of non-compliance are applied at the expense of the owner and without the possibility of any financial compensation for the owner or the authorised person. If a pet animal stays in Canada (or another third country) longer than the validity of the anti-rabies vaccination, a veterinary certificate must be completed with the passport serving as supporting documentation.

Please refer to the detailed instructions for the completion of the certificate by a licensed veterinarian.

A qualified vet must carry out the treatment and record it in the Veterinary Certificate. Ensure that the veterinarian rescans the microchip to confirm that the number is correct and that the chip is readable.

Contrary to previous requirements (prior to February 29, 2012), this treatment must be administered before the certificate is presented to the District Veterinarian for endorsement.

Malta requires a Pre-Notification Form for Arrival or Transit of Live Animals to be submitted for all animals before they travel.

This authorization must be obtained by the exporter from the Maltese authority and has to accompany the animal upon arrival, in addition to the health certificate.

Once completed by your veterinarian, the certificate must be endorsed by a veterinarian of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

A tattoo is not accepted in the Republic of Ireland or Malta.

Please note that if a tattoo is used, it must have been applied before July 3, 2011.

Any certificates signed by an official If any of these conditions are not met, the commercial certificate should be used.

Animals travelling to exhibitions and fairs would be considered a "non-commercial movement" as long as they are not for sale on-site.

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