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The Services Directory can also be disabled through the console. after the SP1 update for the Arc Gis Server 10.0 Java i can't reach the rest/services anymore. the manager console is working and i can add new services. You can publish map layers directly from Arc Map that have awesome templates with great forms that include pick lists just the way you modeled them in the geodatabase.But no matter how much of a GIS rock star you are, you won’t get that schema 100% right the first time. Well did you know that you can update the schema without having to republish? You can add a domain value, remove a template, update the alias for a field.

I have one map service which is updating per day so I need to manually overwrite the service in Arc GIS 10.1 for Server.

The Arc GIS REST API, short for Representational State Transfer, provides a simple, open web interface to Arc GIS.

A major portion of the API, described in this section of the help, allows access to services hosted by .

So naturally when Arc GIS Online rolled out I had to take it for a spin to see how it might work.

My goal is to publish a map service to Arc GIS Online once and be able to update it through a simple console application that could be launched at some interval (hourly, daily, weekly).

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I can click analyze and they all pass, but next time it is back to question marks.

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