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Though sometimes funny, this is hardly your typical romantic comedy. Put Simon Pegg and Nick Frost together in just about anything -- "Shawn of the Dead," the British series "Spaced" -- and it's guaranteed to be gold.

"Hot Fuzz" starts out as something akin to a buddy-cop movie, but, well, let's just say it doesn't end up that way. Is it any wonder this 2003 rom-com has evolved into a cult classic?

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Speaking of trippy, if you've ever been through a painful breakup (and who hasn't?As muses go, I think she was a much better choice than Julia Roberts, who was originally cast to play Viola.The film itself, clever and comedic, echoes "Romeo and Juliet" as it imagines Shakespeare's creation of it. Pape's secure upper registers, meanwhile, allow him to move into bass-baritone territory (Wotan, Sachs) or even pure baritone roles (Wolfram) with breathtaking ease . There's wonderful playing, too, from the Berlin Staatskapelle under Daniel Barenboim. This is very lyrical Wagner singing, sensual, even sexual in tone, noble in utterance, and shaped as much through the line as off the words, with not so much as a hint of the declamatory choppiness that some interpreters have deployed of late. [The Fliedermonolog, sounding unusually erotic, is] one of the disc's high points, along with Wotan's farewell from "Die Walkre" and a substantial chunk of the first scene of "Parsifal"'s third act, in which he is joined by a curiously tremulous Plcido Domingo in the title role.

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The story of British cryptographer Alan Turing, who helped the government decrypt key German intelligence codes during World War II, is made all the more compelling (and tragic) by his eventual vilification. What downloadable movies will you be grabbing from Netflix?

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